Nail Upkeep

I’ve bitten my nails for as long as I can remember and I vowed to myself a little while ago that i’d take care of them and grow long, healthy and 100% natural nails. I now get to enjoy painting them and resting assured that they wont break on me when I open my curtains! I tend to do this exact routine every 3-4 weeks but it’s all down to time and my schedule really… I only use two things; my Nail Buffer Block and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. I purchased them from Boots but they can be found anywhere…. just remember excessive buffing and shining can weaken your nails over time! I tend to do step 1 & 5 every week however everything else I do every 3-4 weeks.

Step 1: Filing the nail edge.

I tend to file my nails into a rounded shape from the edge to the centre of the nail as I find it works better for me than going back and forth. I try to get them as smooth as possible so they don’t get caught in net curtains or on my clothes or in my hair and end up chipping!

After filing the nail edge
After filing the nail edge and making ’em smooth as ever.

Step 2: Removing any ridges.

Buffing my nails or “removing any ridges” is what gets the surface feeling all levelled. Sometimes my nail peel after a little while, this helps solve that problem.

After buffing my nails
After buffing my nails.

Step 3: Smoothing the nail surface.

After buffing, it’s only right that one smooths the nail surface and removes all the excess dusty crap.

After smoothing these bad boys
Post-smoothing these bad boys

Step 4: Shine Nails.

Just a quick polish to finish off and make them look manicured…

Lighting is not the best but they do have a nice shine
Lighting is not the best but they do have a nice shine.

Step 5: Sally Hansen “Hard as Nails”.

Finally, to finish them off or as a nice base coat before I add any colour, I use two coats of Sally Hansen’s stuff. It’s actually a little bottle of miracle and it’s what keeps my nails tough and my nail varnishes long-lasting!

Sally Hansen - Tough as nails.
Sally Hansen – Hard as nails.
The finished product in better lighting...
The finished product in better lighting…

Sooo, after a few weeks, this is what they look like in better lighting…

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