Waist Training .. a waste or?

August 2013 v April 2015
August 2013 v April 2015

The main thing I get asked about by family, friends and sometimes strangers is waist training!

I’m no guru and i’ve followed people like GetBodiedByJ who waist train and i’ve done it for a few years now but I still feel as though there’s still so much more to learn. I started with a steel boned corset but it’s far from practical and now I use the Ann Cherry workout band waist trainer in the picture. I wear it any time i’m going to be active, whether i’m going to the gym or just a run outside. I simply wrap it around my midsection, work out as normal and it provides compression on my core which basically makes me sweat! It ensures that my workout is working for me!

The benefits: Before I started out using it, my waist was 29″ but after about 18 months of looking after my body (wearing it to the gym and eating cleaner) I lost just over a stone and i’ve dropped down to a 26.5/27″ waist! It may not seem like a drastic change but considering my bust-waist-hips measurements, it works for me. Naturally, I don’t tend to sweat, I perspire. Since using the waist trainer in the gym, I find my self sweating around my midsection and down my back. I also have very bad posture and I find that it encourages me to sit up straight or at least be a little more conscious when i’m tempted to slouch.

The drawbacks: DON’T BE FOOLED! It was not easy when I first got started because I found that it restricted my movements and as it fits so snug; it had me out of breath much quicker than usual. Also, I learned the hard way not to use it when doing any ab exercises cause i’m 100% sure I broke/dislodged something. Also, as you get used to it and it begins to work for you, you have to buy another that again fits snug….I’m on my second one down and (being the cheapskate I am) I might just stop here ha!

I’ve compiled a list of answers to Qs I get asked the most, if I miss anything feel free to ask me below!

How does one break in a new corset? Slowly but surely. Wear it around the house and get used to it. Don’t do anything to strenuous straight away; you’ll regret it later! Just listen to your body.

How do you measure for a corset? Find your natural waist. Go down until you find the end where your torso becomes hollow. Get your measuring tape. Measure around your waist. Take this measurement and depending on where you buy it from, you’ll know what size you need.

Where can I get a good corset? There’s loads of sellers out there, the most common one is the Ann Cherry one that I use myself and there’s a bunch of stockists including the lovely Amazon of course.

What is waist training? The act of using a corset to train your waist smaller.

Does waist training lead to permanent results or does your natural shape come back? Just like going to the gym. If you stop when you’ve reached your desired shape, you will slowly start to lose your progress. It’s all about maintenance, so continuing to exercise and continuing to eat clean!

Is it safe? Doesn’t it move your organs? It’s about as safe as pregnancy, so you can make your own judgements based on that…..

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Hey lovlies, i'm Meech... For the last few years, i've been trying to put together a platform for like-minded individuals to "sustain their pysche". By this I mean strengthen their minds, bodies and souls. A healthy and better version of yourself is created on the inside and flows onto the outside (without sounding so poetic lol). I hope you enjoy this blog as much as i've enjoyed putting it together.

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