What’s in my hair product drawer…?

It’s coming up to a year since my big chop and decision to transition to natural hair so this post naturally felt like it was due. It’s been a long road of trial and error to find products that I trust and love to use with my natural hair. This long road has seen my hair product collection grow to the point of needing to move from a shelf to a drawer. On the plus side, the minimalist in me allows me to let go of what’s NOT working and send them to a new home. (You can keep an eye on what i’m selling on Depop here).

I’ve tried my best to group these products up with the other products I use with them or tend to work best with each other. A lot has changed since I last posted my wash day staples on this post and my hair was transitioning. If i’m honest, those products still work on my hair and I did continue using some of them for a while but my hair regimen has changed so i’ve found other products that work even better.

Wash Day Staples


These products, I use mainly on wash days. So, from left to right:

Shea Moisture: High Porosity Moisture-Seal Shampoo

Anyone that knows me, knows that for years and years and years i’ve never been able to find a shampoo that I truly love and trust. I’ve used so many, never really having any complaints but never truly feeling satisfied. My hair is porous, it lets in moisture as quickly as it loses it and i’ve seen this improve since i’ve been using this shampoo. Another thing, a little goes a long way! It lathers so well and usually I only need two rinses before it’s completely clean. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling stripped but it definitely leaves it clean. I’ve been using this for around 4-6 months and I will never use another shampoo again. Totally recommend this if you have curly, coily type 4 hair.

ORS: Hair Mayonnaise Deep Conditioning Treatment

Funny story. So I used to use this when my hair was relaxed every 2 weeks without fail. When transitioning, I also used this but I found my hair was snapping and it felt really hard – so I stopped. About 2 months ago, my hair was shedding uncontrollably, it felt mushy and really stringy (annoyingly soft even) so I introduced this back into my hair staples. This is a medium protein conditioner which is great if you use relaxers or a lot of heat on your hair. It strengthens the hair and i’ve found since i’ve introduced it back, my hair has found a great protein-moisture balance. I alternate it with my other conditioner each wash day, so I use it on average, once a month and I still use it with my Heat Wrap cap.

Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair: Deep Treatment Masque

Cantu’s Shea Butter for Natural Hair line is amazing. I used to use Cantu’s leave in conditioner but as my transition came to an end it just wasn’t the right consistency for me. This stuff is amazing, its creamy but still thick and buttery. I now use it as my moisturising deep conditioner; again alternating it each wash day but it does work well as a detangler close to wash days. If you find your hair always feels dry and snaps easily then i’d recommend this to give your hair that soft and moisturising feel.

Heatless Staples


I don’t often blow-dry or straighten my hair so 98% of the time you will find me rocking my natural curls. I use these products to keep my curls manageable, hydrated and… curly! I use the LOC method (I will write about my hair methods soon & link it here) anything from every 3 days to every week. It’s all dependent on my hairstyle and the weather! Again, from left to right:

Aunt Jackie’s: Half & Half Hydrating Silkening Hair Milk

This stuff is like water, I used to use water, but now I prefer this. After rinsing out my deep conditioner, I use this which really helps with the detangling process. It smells amazing and helps to keep my hair silky, my coils separated and my curls hydrated. It’s my newest buy but so far no complaints; right now, it’s my go-to leave-in conditioner.

Sunny Isle: Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil

They say coconut oil for everything, I say castor oil on everything. Castor oil is the heaviest oil and probably the stickiest and greasiest thing you could ever put in your hands let alone hair… but this has been a hair staple for me from about 2010. Castor oil doesn’t fully penetrate the hair but will gladly seal in everything you’ve put in already. That includes your deep conditioner, your leave-in, any other oils…even water! It’s also amazing at growing back damaged edges (which I spoke about in this post) as well as growing thicker and fuller hair. It’s also great whatever the weather.

Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair: Coconut Curling Cream 

This is a recent purchase so it’s still too early to give it props, however, I will give credit where it’s due. I needed a thick, heavy cream to seal in all that moisture but still light enough to use daily if needed. I also recently took coconut oil out of my staples (no more itchy scalp!) so I wanted something with coconut in it. This so far, does the job. It smells great, it makes my curls pop and it leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable.

Heat-friendly Staples


When I do blow-dry my hair, or straighten it; along with my LOC staples and wash day staples – I take comfort in knowing that my hair is protected from the heat and I also like to make sure my hair is properly cared for without reverting to it’s natural state. So, from left to right:

Cantu Shea Butter: Thermal Shield Heat Protectant

I have only blow-dried my hair twice since being natural and only once was done myself. After washing my hair and using the LOC method, I like to use heat protectant. I cannot comment on this when straightening the hair but using this and the tension method (post to follow soon), my hair was super soft and when it came to wash day – it reverted back with no damage.

Argan Oil

This is just some any old Argan oil from my local hair shop. I read the ingredients and it suited what I needed at the time. When my hair is straightened or blow-dried I don’t like to put wet products in it, for obvious reasons, so I tend to stick with oils. My hair has always loved argan oil, it’s another oil that doesn’t necessarily penetrate the hair as well as coconut oil but it does the job. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy but instead light and super soft.

Oldies but Goodies
These are products i’ve used over time, really love but are no longer staples. I’ve found they are dependent on the weather and the hairstyle! From left to right:

ORS: Olive Oil Edge Control

After I lose my edges, I quit using edge control.. when they grew back, i bought it again. I find that the closer to wash day, the more likely i am to get white residue after using this stuff. I love it, it works amazingly after a wash and with some Ecostyler gel but not as important as it once was. I consider this more of a styling product.

Shea Moisture: Raw Shea Butter Extra Moisture Transitioning Milk

This was recommended to me as a leave-in and it was absolutely amazing; just in the warmer months, in my opinion. This, I would recommend for type 4 hair or transitioning hair and it’s great for twist/braid outs, a daily detangler or a leave-in. The smell is amazing, the consistency is a bit on the runny side but for the price – it’s not something I can afford to use long term as I use way too much of it!

Lush: R&B Hair Moisturiser

This. Is. Everything. I only recently stopped using this, not because it wasn’t great but because I think it’s another product better suited to the warmer months. It’s so buttery and great as a cream when using the LOC method for twist/braid outs and also daily use. I found I could use this with just some water and it really hydrates my curls and makes them pop. Another bonus, it’s one of the best smelling moisturisers i’ve ever used. One drawback, it’s an expensive one but definitely worth the price.

Ecostyler: Olive Oil Styling Gel

I go through this so quickly! It’s great for coil outs, laying edges, sleek ponytails and buns, twist outs and braid outs. It also pairs very well with edge control and a silk scarf. If i’m protective styling with flat twists or cornrows, this will literally hold my hair for 4 days to a week. I’ve tried the argan oil version and nothing compares to the olive oil type!

What do you guys use? If you’ve used any of these products – what do you think? Also, on the hair topic, what post would you prefer to see next… hair methods or hair styling?

Lots of love, meech xo

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