All Things Fitness


A – Aerobic

So, aerobic exercise is sometimes known as “cardio”. When you do exercise that causes you to be quickly out of breath…that’s anaerobic.

Therefore, on this page, there’ll be a lot of me on cardio machines, running, swimming etc etc. These kinda exercises not only improve my fitness but I feel like it has benefits for both my physical and emotional health…somehow.

B – Body Conditioning

Personally this is my favourite! Body conditioning consists of toning, strength and endurance. It’s pretty much anything that has your muscles looking and feeling great.

Here, there’s a lot of exercises using my own body weight as well as dumbbells, resistance machines and weights!

C – Calming

They say ”Life takes it out of you…”, well this stuff gives it back. I’m aiming to increase my flexibility, improve my posture and take time out of my busy schedule as well as learn to unwind.

Yoga, pilates and anything else i’m not very good at here. lol.

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