My Hair Journey


Currently: 2 years, 1 month natural

Last Relaxer: 14th November 2015

Last trim: 13th February 2018

Current Hair Goal: Decrease matting/shedding

Hair Length Goal: Armpit Length (APL)

Current Length: Between collarbone & APL

Just Purchased: Aunt Jackie’s Buttercreme – Intensive Moisture Sealant

Wanting: Keracare Humecto Creme Conditioner & Lush R&B

Needing: Hairbands

Trying Out: Stretching between washes

Loving: My curl pattern!

Disliking: How dry my hair is lately….

*updated 10th April 2018*


My Regimen & Progress:

On here, i’ll try to keep my ‘staple’ products up to date and show you guys what i’m using, what i’m doing etc etc.

Successes and Setbacks:

If I should try anything new, i’ll let you guys know here at the earliest opportunity. Every hair journey is different but some of the things we experience are the same – what might work for me may not for you (and vice versa)… either way i’ll always share my findings!

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